How to See Who Blocked you on Instagram? Is there really a Way

How to See Who Blocked You on Instagram? Is there really a Way to find who is blocked on Instagram? A user faces challenges such as abusive content or toxic messages from a different ID. Such actions annoy the users, leading them to block someone. To see who has blocked you on this social media platform, continue scrolling the article.

Who Blocked you on Instagram?

The most popular social media channel in today’s digital world is Instagram. A total of 168.6 million users are active presently in the USA. The platform has helped several individuals create content in the form of reels and share it with the world.

There are ‘n’ number of businesses that are currently running on the media. Things get viral extremely fast from this platform. For example, if a food blogger shares a story, reel, or post regarding a new place, then the followers instantly get to know about it.

The settings such as location, tag, mention, caption, and more allow people to connect with a large audience. Unlike Facebook and Snapchat, an individual can add friends to their account.

Most times, it happens that someone accesses the fake account to promote nuisance content to increase the list of followers. Meta had built Instagram with various security features, one of them being to “Block” someone. In case a user blocks you, then you can check who blocked you from the potential list.

How to See Who Blocked you on Instagram

How to See Who Blocked You on Instagram?

It is essentially not important that someone has blocked you. Most times, it happens that a user have put your account into a restricted mode where you cannot see their posts, friends list, etc.

  • Search Option: Tap on the search option from the footer of the application. Type in the ID and search for it. If the error ‘User Not Found’ appears, then it suggest blocking of an account. However, in fewer cases, a user might have permanently deleted their account.
  • Unable to View Profile: Instagram is also available on the web rather than its mobile application. Search for a particular ID on; maybe it will be visible to you. Now, check on the mobile App. The chances of not viewing the profile directly means that a blocked feature is used.
  • Follow Button: The ‘Follow’ button does not work in case you are blocked by a user. Also, you won’t be able to send a message.

Blocking never sounds appropriate, especially when a user intentionally does it. This shows their state of anger or personal issues. The genuine reason for blocking that is a fraud or negative ID is considered to be a proper reason.

Is there really a Way to Check the Blocked Features on Instagram?

The introduction of web services has affected the lifestyle of individuals. They are not dependent on the internet to search for a specific query, exactly, like in the case of being blocked on Instagram.

Yes, The details of being “BLOCKED” can be found if someone has blocked you on this social media account. The quick ways to know this information are shared already in this article.

Instagram Threads

The fastest and most widely used application after X is this one. The platform is another way of connecting with the audience. Unlike X, the users can share the updates on the Threads App. The followers can later engage with the post by dropping a comment or sending a reply.

Instagram users do not need to create a profile, as the data is automatically fetched. The username will be the same as you have mentioned on the Insta app.

The purpose of this standalone application is to promote faster communication. The friends or the users can share real time information, such as updates, posts, photos, etc, to interact with each other online.

The blocking feature is also available on Threads. Note that a user who will be blocked on Instagram Threads will also be blocked on the Instagram application. In some cases, blocking happens unintentionally which lead to a decrease in the list of followers or a miscommunication among the users for each other.


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